29 March 2012

Season 1, Episode 4 - The Red Door


What clothes do you like wearing? Why?

How often do you put on make up? Why?

Do you die your hair? How often?

What kind of music do you listen? What is your favourite singer/group?

How do you feel during the day? Are you happy or rather depressed? Why?

Translate. Use the expressions in sentences.

get stuck


plug sth. in


bring sb. down

get rid of sb.

make sth. up

look on the bright side of sth.


Why didn’t Roy notice that the receptionist was pregnant?

What is Roy and Jen eating?

Why mustn’t Jen open the red door?

What clothes does Richmond like wearing?

Describe Richmond´s make up and hair.

What kind of music does Richmond listen? What is his favourite singer/group?

Describe Richmond´s mood and behaviour.

How is Richmond´s lifestyle called?